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2013 Fic Year in Review

Scope note: Anonymous exchange fics are included in the Year in Review for the year in which they were revealed, so this post includes my Yuletide 2012 story, revealed on January 1, 2013, and my TW Holidays 2012 story, revealed January 5, 2013 (as well as my TW Holidays 2013 story, since it was revealed a couple of weeks ago). My stories for Yuletide 2013 will be in the 2014 Fic Year in Review.

This year I posted 22 stories in 6 fandoms, totaling just over 330,000 words.

Titles this year were quoted from Gym Class Heroes, Dar Williams, Leonard Cohen, Fall Out Boy, Rudyard Kipling, The National, Dessa, Eddie From Ohio, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and, as ever, two from The Mountain Goats mangling the lyrics to Neutral Milk Hotel's "Two-Headed Boy."

The Administration - Manna Francis
Restart in Safe Mode (Toreth, Leo, Toreth/Warrick, Leo/Creepiness, warnings for everything)

Teen Wolf
Solstice Alpha (Derek/Stiles, NC-17, Werewolf holiday celebration)
Goal-Oriented (Derek/Stiles, lacrosse fluff)
The Boy and the Beast (Derek/Stiles, eventually NC-17, wolf!Derek AU)
Truth or Dare (Derek/Stiles, social anxiety fluff)
Finding (Derek/Stiles, NC-17, sequel to Being Found)
Pretty Much a Big Deal (Derek/Stiles, NC-17, badsexfest erectile dysfunction porn)
After All (Derek/Stiles gen-ish kidfic, suicidal ideation)
Never Was a Stranger (Derek/Stiles, NC-17, amnesia time travel confusing fluff)
An Apprehension of Imminent Harm (Allison/Isaac/Scott, PTSD)
The Ribbon on My... (Derek/Stiles, NC-17, Christmas anxiety fluff)

Teen Wolf/Generation Kill
The Strength of the Wolf Is the Pack (Erica/Boyd, Rudy/Pappy, post-S2 AU)

Generation Kill
Oasis (Nate/Mike)
Improvise, Adapt, Overcome (Nate/Brad, NC-17, badsexfest erectile dysfunction porn)
Tiptoe Through Our Shiny City (Nate/Brad, fake boyfriends)

Generation Kill/A Companion to Wolves
You Drive Through the Dust (very pairings. so NC-17. also wolves.)
Find Me One (puppies all the way down)

Vorkosigan Saga
Dance Across the Room (Aral/Jole, NC-17, sex toys)
Floating in Glass (Aral/Jole, sailboat)
The Butcher of Komarr Meets the Conscientious Lieutenant Rosemont (Aral, Reg, gen)

Welcome to Night Vale
The Importance of Accurate Moaning (Cecil/Carlos, moaning)

What Maisie Knew
Pack Up, Don't Stray (Margo/Lincoln & Maisie, family)

My best story this year: The Boy and the Beast

My favorite story this year: I'm having a really hard time choosing a favorite this year. "After All" holds a really special place in my heart, and so does "Pack Up, Don't Stray," which it sort of weirdly fits together with, as stories about daughters and families and the fault lines that they carry.

Most fun story to write: "The Butcher of Komarr Meets the Conscientious Lt. Rosemont" was a lot of fun, and so was "The Strength of the Wolf Is the Pack", and getting "Tiptoe Through Our Shiny City" to work as fake boyfriends in the context of DADT was a delight.

Story with the single sexiest moment: Uh, probably somewhere in You Drive Through the Dust?


Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: "Restart in Safe Mode" really got this year off to a bang with wrongness. The wrongness is kind of baked into Toreth and Leo, and that was a delight to work with.

Hardest story to write: I think I am even now in the process of forcing myself to forget the level of wailing and gnashing of teeth that went into getting You Drive Through the Dust finished. It took over a year and a half, with a near-stop in the middle while I stomped off to Teen Wolf and wrote a lot of that instead, and it went through a lot of beta readers and audiencers. Thanks for getting me through that, everyone.

Runner up, in distant second, goes to "Dance Across the Room", which started out life as an entirely different story with a bit of porny framing, and then got abandoned when I realized I wasn't interested in writing anything but the porny framing, and then eventually resurrected when I realized that I quite liked the porn and it made a perfectly good story on its own.

Biggest surprise: Welcome to Night Vale, though I haven't actually written much of it, came delightfully out of left field, as a format I'm not usually interested in and, well, the general out-of-left-field-ness of everything about it. ♥

Most unintentionally telling story: The erectile dysfunction trifecta is, for reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, currently making me put my face in my hands and laugh quite a lot.

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