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Meme: February 4: My favorite things about Stargate SG-1

February 4 - [personal profile] kuwdora, 3 favorite things about SG-1?

Oh man. Um. Let's see. Favorite things about SG-1.

1. TEEEEEEEEAM. I cannot get over the codependent OT4 teaminess of them, and although I place first priority on the original Jack-Sam-Daniel-Teal'c team configuration, the power of team made me love Jonas, Cam, and Vala just as fiercely once we got into their tenures. I love the way they love each other, mostly unspoken but bone deep and sure and through death and far, far beyond it. Every single episode is that thing Teen Wolf fic keeps trying to create in fic because canon refuses to give it to us: the tight-knit loyal wolfpack

--wait, sorry, now I've got Werewolf AU SG-1 happening in my brain, oh dear--

and I just, yes. This. TEAM.

2. Comedy. Not just the jokes, but comedy as a genre in the old literary sense--SG-1 is fundamentally a show set in a universe where things are going to turn out okay, and at the end everyone gets married and lives happily ever after. It's a basically positive worldview that goes well with mine, and is so, so much nicer to live in than the various crapsack worlds that some shows present.

Uh, this is possibly just turning into "things Teen Wolf makes me miss about Stargate." Sorry not sorry!

3. Extended team. Everyone outside the team who supports them and is very nearly just as far into the shit as the core team is--Hammond, Janet, Siler, Chevron Guy, this whole extended network of people who care about the team and are integral to keeping everything running. SG-1 really gave the sense of the characters existing within this wider community--there were always other gate teams somewhere else whose welfare had to be considered when something went wrong, and everyone had these networks of other relationships that affected what was going on on the show, and the extended team in the mountain really entered in to the same fierce loyalty as the team had to each other.

My favorite example of this from my recent rewatching: the moment when Jack is lobbying to undertake a particular mission and Hammond asks him how he knows it's important, and Jack tells him that Daniel (WHO HAS BEEN DEAD FOR A YEAR) told him so. And after a very little corroborating back and forth with Teal'c, who has also had a visit from Daniel in the year of his death, Hammond just says, "Okay. Good enough for me."

Because EVERYBODY in the SGC is this crazy about each other, and trusts each other this far, and I LOVE THEM FOR IT.

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