Dira Sudis (dsudis) wrote,
Dira Sudis

This is not an identity crisis.

So I have today off (because I'm working Saturday--at my job that I found through the internet, after attending a school I chose via the internet partly because of its proximity to friends I knew through the internet, in a profession I chose in part because of the librarians I knew, you guessed it, through the internet)(gimme a second, it'll be relevant). I'm sitting around doing day-off things: refreshing LJ even though everyone else is busy doing regular weekday things, constantly refreshing the blog of an acquaintance to see if he's posted another iPhone update from the hospital where he's undergoing tests, plotting out fic for an exchange I'm way overdue on, plotting out fic for Yuletide, plotting out fic the purpose of which I cannot adequately explain to myself, though I keep trying to explain it to other people through IM and chat. I went out and bought some new shoes, and exchanged text messages with Iulia while I did, about her crazy workday and my rather pleasanter one. Also, I took a nap.

Also, I read this post of John Scalzi's on the AMC website about how real life in the 21st Century is not like a sci-fi movie despite all our crazy science-fictional tech:
Ask yourself: If all your "science fictional" technology were taken away tomorrow, how much would your identity change? If the answer is "not that much," then you're not really living inside a science fiction movie, regardless of how many gadgets you have.

And then I laughed and laughed, and yet felt too ashamed to post a comment saying "Um, I'm pretty sure if the internet evaporated my life would lose eighty percent of its meaning, although on the bright side I would have a lot more time to take naps."
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