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2009 Fic Year in Review

Somewhat belated, as I spent the last few days with [personal profile] iulia, watching movies and going places and spending a lot of time between doing other things repeatedly rehashing Doctor Who, but more about that later.

For now,

Scope note: Yuletide fics are include in the Year in Review post for the year in which they were revealed, hence this post includes the story I wrote for Yuletide 2008, revealed on January 1, 2009, and my Yuletide 2009 fic will be included in next year's post.

This post also collects things I wrote which I did not regard as fully-written, inasmuch as I have been able to locate them.

(I have a scope note because this is the bibliographic control tag, is why.)


This year I wrote 37 stories that wound up on my website (and which are also available at The Archive of Our Own), plus various other drabbles, commentfics, and summaries.

Julian Kestrel

Now 'Tis Buried Deep (Julian)


Seek to Mend (Dean, Castiel)
The Third Sunday in June (Bobby, Sam)
There's a Design (Dean/Castiel, NC-17)
Until the Breaking of the Day (Dean/Castiel)
Left Behind (Amelia, Claire)
Never Alone (Castiel)
Warm Strangers (The Next of Kin Remix) (Bobby)
A Transfiguration (Castiel, Jimmy, Claire, Amelia)
A Visitation (Dean, Castiel)

Doctor Who & Torchwood

Just the Claps (Doctor, Donna)
Nobody Dies at This Time (Jack, Ianto)
A Moment to Breathe (Martha, Gwen, Tosh, Ianto)
Shoot First, Apologize Later (Jack/Ianto, NC-17)
Wind Up Where You Started From (Jack, Gwen)


Ineffable (Charlie/Ted)
Visiting Hours (Charlie, Rachel, Constance, Dani)

Live Free or Die Hard

The One You're With (McClane/Farrell)
Pulling the Thorn (McClane/Farrell)
National Patime (McClane/Farrell, NC-17)
Untitled Kidfic Commentfic (McClane/Farrell)


Millions of Peaches (Arthur/Merlin)

Stargate SG-1

Sisters in Arms (Sam and Sha're)
Common Language (Sha're & the unnamed sergeant)
Sequel: Tell
Differences (Sam and the unnamed captain)
Uncommon Threads (Sam and the unnamed wife)
First Principles (Sam and the unnamed local woman)
Incoming (Sara O'Neill)
A Good Time (Sam/Daniel)
Careful Where You Touch (Sam/Vala)

Star Trek (2009)

Ten Sessions (McCoy, Kirk)
This Is Growing Up (McCoy, Chekov)
Sing About Tragedy (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17)

Due South

The Future in Five Conversations (Hockeyverse Fraser/Kowalski)

The Mentalist

Mian He, Ahjuma, Hangul Mal Mullayo (Cho/Jane)
Those Days Are Over (underage prostitution and creepiness)
Love and Affection and Respect for Personal Boundaries (Jane/Van Pelt, NC-17)


What Can a Working Girl Do (Ryan/Keltie)
Setting Boundaries (Spencer/Bob)
Lightning Has Struck My Brain (Brendon)
The Way to a (Sailor) Man's Heart (Jon/Brendon)
Girlfriend in a Coma (Pete/Patrick, incomplete)
Unwritten Bandslash #1: Crash Boom Bang & Through This Year (Spencer/Bob)
Unwritten Bandslash #2: Chimerical Romantics, The Rest of the Story (Frank/Gerard, 19C AU)
Unwritten Bandslash #3: Juliet Loves the Beat (girl!Bob/Gerard)
Unwritten Bandslash #4: Time Travel Genderswap & Genderfuck Amnesiafic (Frank/Gerard)
Four or Five Times Frank and Jamia Didn't Get Married (And One Time They Did) (Frank/Jamia)
Unwritten Bandslash #5: Spiders from Mars (Bob/Gerard, Bob/Gerard/Frank, Frank/Jamia, mpreg)


Did You Check Everywhere? (Gerard Way/Jack Harkness, bandom/Torchwood)
Hard to Explain (Spencer Smith/Spencer Reid, bandom/Criminal Minds)
Hazard (Mikey Way/Spencer Reid, bandom/Criminal Minds)
Just Not Right (Spencer Reid, Charlie Crews, Criminal Minds/Life)
Untitled Dean Winchester/Donna Noble Rambling (Supernatural/Doctor Who)
On a Mission (Stargate SG-1/Supernatural)

My best story this year: My best guess is that it's a tie between There's a Design and Sing About Tragedy.

My favorite story this year: I'll say Love and Affection and Respect for Personal Boundaries because it's still new and shiny.

Most fun story to write: Hmmm, you know, I'm not sure. A lot of the fic I wrote this year was really satisfying in one way or another, but I'm not sure how much fun it was. Probably the most fun I had writing anything was the Untitled Dean Winchester/Donna Noble Rambling.

Story with the single sexiest moment: Wow, I only wrote five stories with porn in them, but I still can't choose. I'll say Love and Affection and Respect for Personal Boundaries, once again, just because it's the newest and I love it so much!

Story of mine most underappreciated by the universe: Didn't have one this year. 2009 was a fantastically appreciated year for my fic!

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: You know, I looked at this meme in November or so, and looked at what I'd written thus far in 2009, and I thought, Wow, I really haven't written anything horrible this year, and then I wrote Those Days Are Over, which has underage prostitution and creepiness, and blows the mere naked theologizing in Until the Breaking of the Day right on out of the water.

Hardest story to write: Shoot First, Apologize Later was a gift-fic, came in about eight months overdue, and was my third entirely different attempt to fill the request, so I'll go with that one. Because the thing that kicked my ass hardest in 2009 is still not finished!

Biggest surprise: The Future in Five Conversations. I really would have sworn on my life that I was absolutely done with Due South forever and ever amen, and then I wrote this.

Most unintentionally telling story: If any of these were specifically unintentionally telling, I'm still blissfully unaware of it--but I suspect that that run of Castiel stories dealing with the theology of the SPN-verse was a great big red flag for me finally breaking down and joining a church this year. (Albeit a queer-loving heathen church. Yay UU!)

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