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2010 Fic Year in review

Scope note: Yuletide fics are included in the Year in Review for the year in which they were revealed, so this post includes my Yuletide 2009 story, revealed on January 1, 2010. Yuletide 2010 fics will be in the 2011 Fic Year in Review.

(Why yes, I am a librarian, if not a cataloger.)

This year I wrote 22 stories in 11 fandoms totaling a little over 110,000 words.

Oxford Time Travel

The Season of Grace (Kivrin)

The Mentalist

Five Ways Patrick Jane Hasn't Died Yet (And One Way He Never Will) (Jane, team, death)


A Little Mental Yoga (Cooper/Sherman, NC-17)
In an Instant (Sherman, Cooper)

Stargate SG-1

Solidarity (Sam)

Star Trek

The Care and Feeding of Your Starship Captain (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, BDSM)


The Job (Team, apocalypse)

White Collar

This Flesh and Bone (Neal/Peter/Elizabeth-ish)

Doctor Who & Torchwood

Signals That Sound in the Dark (Vorkosigan crossover, Jack/Aral Vorkosigan, NC-17)
The Box Below (Amelia, The Doctor)

Bourne movies

You Are Coming Down With Me (Jason/Marie)


Turn Up the Signal (Wipe Out the Noise) (Sherlock/John, NC-17)

Vorkosigan Saga

Signals That Sound in the Dark (Torchwood crossover, Aral/Jack Harkness, NC-17)
And They Think It's Hell (Gregor, Cordelia, Aral)
Hold the Line (Aral, Cordelia, Piotr)
The Stuff That Dreams (Aral/Cordelia)
Treatment for Shock (CryoBurn epilogue gen)
Winterfair Socks (Gregor/Laisa, Cordelia)

The World That You Need (Aral/Cordelia, Aral/Jole, polyamory):
As You Tap on Your Glass
Fingers in the Notches on Your Spine
When the Reckoning Arrives (gen)
Everything That You Can Keep (NC-17)
A Loyal Armsman Does Not Gossip

My best story this year: Probably "When the Reckoning Arrives", or "The Season of Grace".

My favorite story this year: The unholy intensity of my love for "Five Ways Patrick Jane Hasn't Died Yet (And One Way He Never Will)" probably puts it over the top, even though it's been a year and I have mellowed a bit.

Most fun story to write: You know, I think I always conflate this with "easiest story to write" in my mind, because that is a kind of fun, right? "The Job" and "The Box Below" were both stories where I had the idea, sat down to write them, and, bang! Story! And "You Are Coming Down with Me" and "Hold the Line" were, if not quite that easy, stories that just grabbed hold of me and had to be written, which is a kind of fun, too, that absorbing compulsion to write. But I think I probably laughed to myself the most while writing "Turn Up the Signal (Wipe Out the Noise)".

Story with the single sexiest moment: "The Care and Feeding of Your Starship Captain".

Story of mine most underappreciated by the universe I am officially retiring this category. It is never relevant! Here, I will make up a new one to replace it.

Story that got the most unexpected reaction from readers: I had no idea anyone would think Neal was really dead in "This Flesh and Bone"!

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: You know, I don't feel like I wrote anything really horribly wrong this year. I mean, spanking and polyamory are clearly not wrong at all when all parties are on board! Sex with Jack Harkness is never wrong! Drugs are bad, but the story knows that as well as we do. When the whole universe is wrong, the Doctor and Amelia Pond can set it right. And despite warning for Ges Vorrutyer on one story, Prince Serg on another, and canon attempted infanticide on a third... I really don't see the wrongness in any of these stories. Possibly I have become wrongness-blind; feel free to tell me if you think I did write something Really Wrong this year. *g*

Hardest story to write: There were three stories that I started at right around the same time in the summer of 2009: "A Little Mental Yoga", "The Care and Feeding of Your Starship Captain", and "Signals That Sound in the Dark". In terms of sheer time-to-finish, evidently Signals was the hardest, but actually once I forced myself past the "Oh God I'm writing porn about Aral Vorkosigan" mental block and continued writing, it wasn't so bad. "A Little Mental Yoga," on the other hand, was many continuous months of wailing, gnashing teeth, ripping apart and rearranging.

"Everything That You Can Keep" also engendered some quite a lot of angst (though it at least went by faster than "A Little Mental Yoga") especially since I initially started writing it before I wrote "When the Reckoning Arrives" and therefore before I had figured out who Jole really was. Also, apparently even after you've gotten over the "Oh God I'm writing porn about Aral Vorkosigan" mental block once - with liberal applications of "La la la it's Jack Harkness no one can resist him" - sometimes you have to tackle it all over again. It was, for me, worse the second time. The beta process was necessarily long and, uh, occasionally contentious because I still have not learned that other people are usually right. It also led to me dropping a moderately important line of dialogue (for the logic of the scene, not really the story overall, unless you concluded from the way the conversation went that Aral and Cordelia are actually psychic) (They are not. In this story.) and not noticing it until three weeks after I posted. So: pretty hard. Thanks again for not coming to my house and smothering me in my sleep, betas!

Biggest surprise: After being a passionate Vorkosigan fan for sixteen years, in which time I wrote one drabble and one high school drawer fic, I suddenly posted eleven Vorkosigan stories this year! Including about 45,000 words of a bisexual polyamory series! Signals wasn't, by itself, a big surprise, if only because it was so goddamn long in the writing, but the way the floodgates opened was.

Most unintentionally telling story: I usually spot a telling trend here (sleep deprivation, religion), but this year the trend wasn't so much in the content of the stories as in the fact of the stories--from February to the end of August, I wrote just about 21,000 words of fic--that's about 3,000 words a month for seven months, seven short stories in six different fandoms. That's incredibly sparse and remarkably scattered for me, and it was a great big tell for the fact that I was trying really hard to focus on doing original writing in 2010--which meant not getting too immersed in any fandom or any fannish writing project. And then at the end of August I got a new job, my life turned a bit upside down, I was epically stressed out and perpetually short of time, and I flung myself wholeheartedly into my oldest and favoritest of fandoms and wrote over 57,000 words of fic for it in the last four months of the year. So this year's unintentionally telling writing trend was all about fannish escapism as a coping mechanism. \o?

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