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This is how I roll.

GK babyfic: 20,784 words
Dudes who have kissed each other: 0
Kisses administered to baby: all of them.
Important events left in the "sequence of events" list I made: 8.5
Number of them that are Talking?: 2. (This is not a tightly-outlined kind of story.)
Number of them that are definitely sex scenes: 1 (...Hope you like cuddles.)

Amount of time I have spent pondering stuff that happens way, way after the end of the story instead of writing the goddamn story: Let's not even talk about it. (Unless you are on IM in which case LET'S SPEND LOTS OF TIME TALKING ABOUT IT SO I DON'T HAVE TO WRITE.)

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Tags: generation kill, word counts, writing makes me crazy
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