Dira Sudis (dsudis) wrote,
Dira Sudis

Continuing Teen Wolf adventures

Someone please tell me that I do not need to write fic about Derek and Isaac between going on the run and showing up at the ice rink? Please tell me there is lots and lots of good fic - some gen, some badwrongdelicious porn - about how Derek trains/detraumatizes/Stockholms Isaac from cowering away from him exactly the way he cowered away from his dad to standing tall and being ready to pick fights with Cousin Scott? Please tell me there is lots of fic and it is good and where I can find it?

Because I don't have time to write that while also writing the AU where everything happens differently in the pilot so Stiles gets to be the main character. In a Beauty and the Beast AU. /o\

Uh, and also my warbigbang wolf-verse fic! And the next Aral/Jole story which I have figured out and/or sufficiently lowered my expectations for so it's finishable now! And the other Teen Wolf thing I'm not writing. And wee!Tony.

/o\ /o\ /o\

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