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Meme: February 17: Bulletproof

Way behind now, sorry people who asked for specific dates!

February 17 - [personal profile] sage asked about my 3 bulletproof tropes, and pommederis asked What tropes (or things, whatever) will make you NOPE right the hell out of a fic, no matter how well written? And contrariwise, are there tropes/things that will make you stick with a fic even if the writing is not stellar? What combination of tropes/thingies do you think are your personal crack in fics, and have you ever found (or written) a fic that fulfills them?

Positives first, although I must confess I am in that slightly jaded and bitter place with all my fandoms where I've gotten really picky and almost nothing is a bulletproof kink or trope anymore. I'll stick with iffy writing for some things, but I have standards these days. (I mean, I look forward to the next time I'm so head-over-heels for a new shiny that I don't have standards! But right now I do.)

Anyway, things that will make me click immediately and hang on as long as I can to get my trope fix:

1) Feral/mute/wolf-shaped!Derek (I feel a reread of Stand Fast in Your Enchantments coming on even as I type this)
2) Arranged marriage/marriage of convenience
3) Uh... lactation kink. It is my thing lately, idek. (I blame [personal profile] verity for this as for so many other things: have a mind to just let my whole body go, especially, and then she wrote me more! make something good)

Conversely, my list of things that will make me NOPE right out of a fic is pretty exhaustive at this point:

1) Grammar, spelling, etc.
2) Being Wrong About Derek, Stiles, Nate, Brad, Ray, etc. etc.
3) Being wrong about other stuff, like advent wreaths, the function of the pancreas, small children, etc.
4) I don't understand what the story is about after the first couple of scenes
5) Bored now.

I theorized a while ago that the story that would make me read any fandom/pairing was one where a teenaged hooker is responsible for a small child and falls into a relationship with an adult john (not older than thirty, for preference) who is sad/competent/decent other than the uncharacteristic decision to pay a teenager for sex, and that one would definitely have me reading frantically and delightedly. Or if you mashed up something like Stand Fast in Your Enchantments, with feral!Derek and captivity and a sort of forced relationship blossoming, with a/b/o or other mpreg, then, like, goodbye everyone you will hear from me again after I have finished being dead of happiness. Oh and in either case the perfect story will be 100,000+ words and will deal with fallout/consequences/what happens next in great and loving detail.

Yes. That would just about do it.

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