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2015 Fic Year in Review

Scope note: Anonymous exchange fics are included in the Year in Review for the year in which they were revealed, so this post includes my Yuletide 2015 story, which was revealed before midnight on December 31 in my time zone.

This year I posted 30 stories in 3 fandoms totaling about 283,000 words. That was 27 in one fandom (MCU), two for the Vorkosigan Saga, and one, my Yuletide story, for The Martian, so this was oddly enough my most monofannish year ever in fandom. (For slightly less monofannish alter ego writing adventures, I have a roundup over at my alter ego's Dreamwidth.)

Titles this year quoted from The Mountain Goats (3), Leonard Cohen (2 stories, 1 series), Fiona Apple (2), Cardinal Newman, Tool, Metallica, Dan Fogelberg, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Arcade Fire, and Vienna Teng.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Bucky Bear and the Difficult Question (Bucky Bear, Self Care Bear, gen kink negotiation, trauma recovery, AU where they're teddy bears)
Get All You Can Take (Bucky/Steve, Steve/several dudes in an alley, Explicit)
You're a Kitty (Winter Soldier, Dammit Westfahl, Hydra Trash Party, non-consensual pet play, sweet revenge)
Dinner for Two (Bucky/Steve, situational dub-con, rape recovery, Explicit)
Lessons (Winter Soldier, HYDRA, torture)
The Best Day Ever (Bucky/Steve, Bucky's birthday)
A Thread of Light (Bucky/Steve, sexual slavery, abuse recovery, modern AU, Explicit)
Where the Fire Burns Hot and Bright (Bucky/Steve/Sam, Explicit)
Guilty on All Counts (Bucky/Steve, The Trial of Bucky Barnes)
Language (Steve Rogers & Maria Hill, Age of Ultron fixit, adult language)
Meet Tomorrow If You Choose (Steve/Sam, teenaged skinny!Steve, magic, Explicit)
Mama Bear (Natasha, Laura Barton, the Barton Family)
Lay Your Head (Bucky/Sam, a kiss)
Till the Shadows Lengthen, and Evening Comes (Bucky Barnes, HYDRA, torture)
Lamb and Martyr (Bucky/Steve, HYDRA Trash Party, rape recovery, rape roleplay, Explicit)
Breaking the Ice (Bucky/Steve, hypothermia, Explicit)
Care and Maintenance (Bucky/Steve, post-traumatically asexual Bucky, bathing, Explicit)
The Happiness of Perverts (Bucky/Steve, D/s, BDSM, painplay, bloodplay, loving and caring intense sadism, Explicit)
Take It Slow (Bucky/Steve, light bondage, Explicit)
Slow Like Honey (Bucky/Steve, feminization, orgasm denial, Explicit)
Now That the War Is Through With Me (Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, Mercy Killing, Death, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat, Literally the most terrible thing I've ever written)
Could Never Prepare You (Bucky/Steve/Sam, kidfic, HYDRA Trash Party, it's complicated, read the notes)
Sweet Relieving (Bucky/Steve, feminization, orgasm delay, Explicit)
Drink Me (Bucky/Steve, Bucky & Natasha parent/child-ish relationship, Red Room awfulness, male lactation, body modification, general weirdness, Explicit)
The Doll (Steve, Sam, Natasha, HYDRA Trash Party, rape & torture aftermath, horrible pop culture references)
Prima Nocta (Tony, Steve, Bucky, Slave AU, hurt/comfort, massive consent problems)
Something Pure Can Last (Bucky/Steve, HYDRA trash party, chastity device, body modification, rape recovery, Explicit)

The Vorkosigan Saga

Drive the Dark Things Away (Aral/Jole, during The Vor Game, Explicit)
Always Breaking Everything (Aral/Jole, jealousy, Aral's temper)

The Martian

Coming Out of the Void (Beck/Johanssen/Watney, D/s, coping mechanisms)

My best story this year: "Lamb and Martyr"

My favorite story of this year: "Could Never Prepare You"

Most fun story to write: "Language", for profound satisfaction and giggling, or "Bucky Bear and the Difficult Question", for, you know, teddy bears talking about trauma and kink. Oh, wait, or "You're a Kitty", for the Winter Soldier's finest hour in white mutiny.

Story with the single sexiest moment: "The Happiness of Perverts"

Story that got the most unexpected reaction from readers: "Prima Nocta"

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: "Now That the War Is Through with Me" has in fact replaced "Exposures" as the most horrible thing I've ever written.

Most "Holy crap, that's weird, even for you" story: "Drink Me"

Hardest story to write: "Drive the Dark Things Away" is this year's winner for longest incubation totally disproportionate to length, because I wrote the first third or so and then completely gave up on it in August of 2014, only to come back to it in March. But the next story in that series, "Always Breaking Everything," was probably this year's most miserable writing experience--I actually have a spot no my daily word count spreadsheet where my note for why my word count was low that day is "Aral no :(".

Biggest surprise: a) my tinhat rarepair got canonized and b) two and a half months after buying the book where it happens, I've neither read the book nor written any more fic for them.

Most unintentionally telling story: "Coming Out of the Void"

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