Dira Sudis (dsudis) wrote,
Dira Sudis

Making use of the time I spend waiting for my roommate to get out of the shower...

...by updating here! Because why not.

1. Soon, soon I will never have to wait for my roommate to get out of the shower, because I am MOVING NEXT MONTH to CHICAGOLAND to LIVE BY MYSELF in a ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT and it is going to be GREAT as long as it turns out that everyone involved (me, the leasing agency) is correct to believe my cheerful assertion that I can totally pay my rent for at least a year on my income from writing full time.

1a. I am maybe a tiny bit stressed out about all of the above.

2. Coinciding uncomfortably closely with the above, I am going to WisCon this year, mainly in order to facilitate a writing workshop just for fic! (???!!!) This is going to be either awesome or HORRIBLE. And I should probably register for the con and reserve a hotel room. And get back to the writing workshop person to say yes, I mean it, I'm in.

3. I came down with a cold this weekend that was kind of immobilizing on Saturday and merely very, very unpleasant yesterday. Still waiting to see what sort of day today will be.

3a. Fortuitously and/or ironically, I had already made a pre-moving please-write-me-some-extra-Adderall-prescriptions appointment to see my doctor this morning, so I guess I can also make sure that the extra-persistent stuffiness of my right ear is just because I sleep on that side and not because I'm cooking up an ear infection?

4. Regardless of what I feel up to doing today, when I had taken the day off (day job) work anyway, my writing productivity on any one day is not an inescapable harbinger of what my writing productivity will be in the future when it is Really My Job For Real.

5. I really gotta finish my SmutSwap story, though, that deadline is LOOMING.

5a. Also at this rate rubynye's birthday fic is going to be more of a half-birthday fic.

6. Okay the water has shut off so now I can just stare fixedly at the bathroom door waiting for roommate to come out of there and let me shower, right?

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