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Dear Yulewriter 2016

Dear Yulewriter!

Hi there! I am DELIGHTED that you love one of these things I love! Please, please remember that optional details are optional and write what makes you happy!

Some things I like, not necessarily all in the same story:
-Hurt/comfort, heavy on the comfort, recovery from past/canonical Bad Things
-Domesticity, quiet moments
-Porn (where appropriate & illustrative of character/relationship, NOT REQUIRED AT ALL!)
-Kink & kink negotiation (as above, NOT REQUIRED PLEASE DON'T BE ALARMED IF IT'S NOT YOUR THING!)
-Cuddles, blankets, coziness, etc.
-Characters being smart and perceptive

For any of these characters, I would totally love to read anything from a quiet moment together to a wildly kinky PWP (erm, within the constraints of the characters' histories...) so, really, write the story of your heart, and thank you in advance!

And if you have any questions, feel free to ask [personal profile] iulia (iuliamentis on twitter and tumblr). She knows what I like and she's good at keeping secrets from me!

My specific requests:

Chalion Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold (Penric kin Jurald, Desdemona)

(As of this exact moment I must confess I haven't read Penric and the Shaman yet, but I promise I will before Christmas!!)

Okay so. Pen. And Desdemona. <3____________<3 It is really, really striking to me how much their story in Penric and the Demon is structured as a romance, and I would really, really love to read a further exploration of that. If you'd rather keep things non-explicit, I'd be delighted by more exploration of things Pen does to give gifts to Desdemona--and what it's like when Desdemona wants to do nice things for Pen in return.

If you're open to the sexy options, oh my god, SO MANY POSSIBILITIES?! Inevitably, there's a first time when Pen jerks off knowing he has Desdemona watching--does that become a gift of pleasure he gives her? Does she have advice for him on how to make it better? Does Desdemona coach him through his first time with a woman? Does he try having sex with a guy who Desdemona likes the looks of? And so on, and on, and on. I would love ANYTHING in that line, omfg.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (Guinevere Pettigrew, Joe Bloomfield)

I love their relationship in the movie sooooo much, and I would adore any glimpse of their future, whether it's Guinevere getting to have All The Nice Things, in terms of material things and being loved, or the two of them facing another war together. I really, really adore the idea of Guinevere winding up e.g. working at Bletchley Park during the war, or doing some other kind of invisibly badass war work, so anything in that area would be awesome. But I would also adore a continuation of their romance, whether quiet and domestic or Further Hijinks or sexiness. Guinevere definitely deserves some sexiness, doesn't she? :D

Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat (Damen, Laurent)

Oh man, NOW WHAT?? I am so curious about what comes after the end of Kings Rising. Where do they go from here? What are the logistics of their life like? How often can they actually see each other, and what are their letters (and reunions) like?? I am also super curious about where they plan on getting an heir from (I love kidfic) and would not at all mind an exploration of that with an OFC (I... can't think of an actually suitable female character from the books, but if there is one, by all means, bring her in!). I just want the to be happy and together and safe and perhaps for Damen to have a baby who really IS his to bounce on his knee (and for Laurent to be WILDLY, VICIOUSLY protective of). That is like a million epic stories, but I would love any little bit of their future that captures your imagination!

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (Phryne Fisher, Jack Robinson)


Ahem. I mean. UST is also nice? I guess they could also... fight crime? I do like it when they fight crime. :D


Anyway. I would love something that carries on from the end of the series! Or if you can insert them getting it on into an earlier point in the series, perhaps without quite articulating what it is they're doing and what it means, also great! I would LOVE Jack going after Phryne after the end of S3, or, oh man, the two of them dealing with the Thirties. Does Phryne lose all her money?? Inquiring minds etc.

The Shawshank Redemption (Andy Dufresne, Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding)

Oh God, I love this movie beyond ALL REASON, and Andy's hurt-and-recovery-and-triumph arc was (*looks at Bucky Barnes*) a pretty formative one for me. I would love love love to see Andy and Red post-movie--either of them helping the other cope with life on the outside, trauma they're still carrying from inside, or both of them just finally being happy and free.

(And, okay, yes, if you wanted to adopt my tiny little tin chapeau observation that Red is a lot more nuanced about what it means to be homosexual than you might expect from a guy in 1947 if he'd only ever encountered the prison-rape variety, I would be super happy to read Red/Andy that acknowledges Andy's history of rape and helps him move past it? I realize this is a long shot, do not feel compelled to take it on, but also <3______<3)

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