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5 things you’ll find in my bag

1. Druuuuugs. By which I mean a sheet of generic Sudafed and a little mint tin filled with Advil and Excedrin. I have a lot of headaches, okay.

2. A set of headphones. I don’t go ANYWHERE without the ability to plug into my phone and tune out the world.

3. Small notebook. I almost never use it–I take pictures of things rather than writing notes/lists for myself, or make To Do items in Habitica–but it’s nice to know it’s there. 

4. An actual metal nail file. I bite my nails, not constantly, but enough that “ugh my nails are raggedy and it is Bothering Me” is a thing that I need to be able to deal with at any time.

5. Pretty enameled compact mirror that I got as a bridesmaid’s gift for standing up in my little brother’s wedding five years ago. I pretty much never wear makeup, but a tiny mirror is handy sometimes!

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

1. Chris Bear

2. At least five different pieces of art featuring shirtless Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, and/or Sam Wilson, all hung up on the wall opposite my bed.

3. A print of Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles

4. A sunrise alarm clock: the very best way to wake up.

5. Paper blackout shades over the windows: the very best way to fall asleep.

5 things I’m currently into

1. Making Steve Rogers cry

2. Making Tony Stark cry

3. Wrapping Bucky Barnes in blankets and letting him have nice things

4. The Rachel Maddow Show

5. Embracing the fact that I hate cooking and yet want to eat hot foods without ordering takeout, i.e. frozen foods, man, living in the future is great.

5 things on my to-do list

(verbatim, five of the things on my Habitica to-do list)

1. Clean bathroom

2. Actually post BitB Chapter 12!!! [there’s a draft but I’m doing some rewrites.]

3. Clean stovetop [I finally figured out, after trying a bunch of things, that “rub hard with dry paper towel” is actually the technique that works best for whatever the fuck I managed to get cooked onto my stovetop, but now I need to… do more of that.]

4. [Cannibalism fic]: 5,000 words [This is my goal for the month of February–as of today I’m a little over 3800!]

5. [Codename: Aluminum Bastard]: Chapter 44 [Another February goal–I started writing this chapter, scrapped what I had and started over at sort of a 90 or possibly 180-degree angle from the original version, so… getting there.]

5 things people may not know about me

1. Thanks to childhood insomnia and CMT playing music videos all night, I have a very specific fondness for the country music of the late 80s and early to mid 90s (coinciding almost eerily well with the content of Stingray Music’s “No Fences” channel, as I recently discovered).

2. Left to my own devices I have a pretty hard time actually making the decision to turn on the TV and watch something. There are a bunch of TV shows that sound cool and good and like things I would like to support, but I just… don’t, mostly. (Except Rachel, because letting Rachel explain to me what’s going on in the world is one of the less stressful ways to find out. Also when I am not getting out of the house enough I will gradually expand to watching the entire MSNBC evening news slate because I like Chris Hayes and Lawrence O’Donnell talking to me, too.)

3. It is hard to tunnel down that far but apparently there is a point where I have too much alone time (see above). I am introverted as fuck.

4. I’m asexual, but didn’t figure that out until a few years ago; oddly enough it has made writing porn more fun and, judging by the evidence of my output in the last few years, made it a lot more fun to write super weird kinky porn. 

5. I am half of an OTP in real life, and have been since I was thirteen years old. @iuliamentis introduced me to The X-Files in the first week or two of high school and we pretty much latched on to each other and never let go, notwithstanding the whole thing where she married a dude and popped out the best goddaughter any platonic soulmate could ask for. 

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