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Dira Sudis

This week in writing, 3/5

Slightly better than last week! Finishing chapters of things is almost like actually finishing things, right?!

WIPs currently active: 7, because I signed up to pinch hit for Smut Swap and immediately got started on that story that I will probably still somehow manage to go right to the deadline with.

Words written this week: 7,165, up a little from last week!

WIPs that got no words this week: 0

WIPs that did get words this week:

Codename: Aluminum Bastard (aka broken dick epic): 2,151. Man I love when I succeed in finishing a chapter by deciding that the middle is actually the end. Also this WIP crossed 170,000 words this week, at which point I realized that last week when I said I had about 72,000 words to write on this, I really meant 82,000. But now probably only 80! Ish! Ahahahahaha *sobbing*

Born in the Blood: 161, finishing off Chapter 12! Which is up now! And I think there are only maybe three or four (maybe five?) more chapters so apologies to anyone who thought you were getting a lot of Bucky recovery and a stable triad relationship by the end of this story.

Slavefic #5 (THE DRAMATIC REUNION): 1,306. You know that feeling when you write something terrible and you’re like “should I really linger and zoom the camera in on this? or should I just let the readers notice for themselves how incredibly terrible this is?” …That.

Pillow Box #5: Comfort/Petting/Sleeping in the Pillow Box: 609, gosh it’s like something is compelling me to write Threetoo and Tony having mostly non-terrible times and a lot of cuddles.

Loving and Overall Really Mostly Consensual and Well-Intentioned Cannibalism: 754, but I definitely need to go back through that and linger and zoom in on things more. (The only thing more fun than always writing longer than you mean to is having your first drafts always need more fleshing out, so everything just GETS LONGER STILL. My brain is some kind of sourdough starter of fiction.)

Less-Sad Sequel to “Ring the Bell Backward” (Which is Semi-Officially the Saddest Story in All of Not Without You): 1,608, including “big dramatic scene that is sort of the centerpiece of my thoughts about this story” IMMEDIATELY going sideways from how I had been imagining it before writing it. But it’s better this way, so that’s cool. Also, haha, wow, I really need to figure out what else happens in this story in some kind of detail at some point. Hm.

Smut Swap Pinch Hit Story In A Pairing I’ve Never Written Before That I Picked Up This Week Because I Make Really Good Time Management Choices: 576

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